Electrification and Field Instrumentation

ElectALMA | Electrification

ElectALMA is designed especially for motor electrification engineering. It provides a link also to engineering CAD tools.

ElectALMA covers all centers, electric outlets, devices, connection spaces, and system data. It helps the designer with libraries and far automated wizards to simulate connections and make schematics.

Electrification engineering allows the user to:

  • Create a standard of how to control the motor; the power voltage and RPM steps from minimum to maximum, and their combinations; and the conceptual products, real products, and drawings
  • Create the motor list and point out what standard solution is being followed
  • Complete automatic selection from the product and cable register for selected standard solutions
  • Connect the motor to the MCC and select the necessary I/Os
  • Show the end result in drawings and printouts

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FieldALMA | Field Instrumentation

Information generated in projects may be used for maintenance, in change-design, and in new projects.

When the engineering is done with the help of a database it is easy to start new projects and make changes to the existing ones. The information entered into the database is instantly available to the maintenance crew.

ALMA® allows the rule “Once only data capture”. This means that a change in the information is updated everywhere in the database after the user clicks the OK-button. FieldALMA covers all circuits, devices, connection spaces, and system data. Amongst the products of engineering work are different reports, which may be modified or used as layouts for new ones.

Field instrument engineering allows the user to:

  • Select types of instruments for device tags from the component register
  • Check and update installation types and joint types. This is then registered in documents concerning field instruments
  • Create the connection network, such as field boxes and connection boxes, by connecting data from registers
  • Create printouts for installation enquiries
  • Create device connections
  • Define import system I/O
  • Update cross connections
  • Select loop circuit types
  • Generate loop circuit diagrams
  • Generate all necessary report printouts for final documentation.
  • Comprehensive database import / export functions

Up to 80% savings in time

As many plants have the same type of control loop, ALMA® can really help users save time. ALMA®’s Automatic Loop Generator will duplicate an existing loop and create all the new instruments and electrical connections. The user completes the new loop simply by adding tag numbers and process data. This can save up to 80% of a user’s time.

Application and system engineering

FieldALMA and ElectALMA include highly parameterized functions for supplier-independent system engineering. Through parameterized links, this information is connected to the automationsupplier’s tools.

This means that when field instrumentation engineering is carried out, the needs for system engineering are satisfied at the same time – by specifying standard alarm groups, execution cycles etc.

Application engineering allows the user to:

  • Select the application type for loops
  • Add information concerning the specific application
  • Generate application diagrams
  • Add interconnections and make other modifications to generate diagrams, when needed
  • Update diagrams later using links between the diagram and database.

Pre-design and conceptual engineering for automation and electrification

FieldALMA and ElectALMA include all necessary functions for preliminary and conceptual engineering:

  • Planned unit/process hierarchy
  • Loops and devices in the hierarchy
  • Operational descriptions including targets and functions
  • Control and logic diagrams
  • Optionally, process engineering documents can be collected in the hierarchy
  • Selection of the generic type of instruments for device tags
  • Required control system I/Os
  • Process values of measurements and actuators

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