Pouttu obtained its maintenance and quality system from Vitec ALMA

Pouttu is a food manufacturer in an industry full of competition and regulatory monitoring. When Pouttu Oy wanted to improve the maintenance of its equipment and properties as well as its quality system, they chose the information system supplied by Vitec ALMA.

Pouttu is a food manufacturer known especially for its meat products. Pouttu Oy has also successfully expanded its product range to include plant-based protein products. As the competition is getting tougher and quality requirements are getting stricter, the company has invested heavily in development.

- Good and continuous maintenance of equipment and high production quality are imperative in the food industry. Production is closely monitored, so the journey of a food item from production to the consumer involves many different records and regulatory requirements. The system supplied to us by Vitec ALMA was competitive, and it comprehensively contains all the information that is relevant to us, says Joni Määttälä, Pouttu Oy’s Maintenance Manager at the Kannus facility.

The delivered information system includes maintenance, document management and quality systems. The project started in autumn 2019 and it will end in spring 2020.