New appointment: Mikael Hästbacka started working as a Product Development Engineer

Mikael “Hese” Hästbacka was appointed Product Development Engineer at ALMA as of 4.11.2019.

Hästbacka, who graduated from the Central Ostrobothnia University of Applied Sciences (now known as Centria) as a computer engineer, is highly skilled in development work. Before ALMA, he worked at Attracs Oy as a software developer for 15 years.

“The experience from my previous work also helps to develop ALMA’s solutions,” he states as his strength and bonus for the clients.

Inspired by the spirit of getting things done

Hästbacka is known among friends and colleagues for his persistence and problem-solving skills. Indeed, his personal motto and maxim is, “Get it done”.

He likes his new job, praising the spirit of getting things done and the positive atmosphere at ALMA. His colleagues in particular are worthy of his praise.

“My new coworkers are steadfast professionals no matter what they work with,” he sums up his first month.

Hästbacka commutes to his new job at ALMA from Teerijärvi, where he lives with his wife, and children who are transitioning to adulthood.  In his spare time, Hästbacka is often found in nature, as his hobby is hunting.