MaintALMA maintenance system for Nivalan Kaukolämpö

ALMA Consulting Ltd and Nivalan Kaukolämpö Ltd have agreed to deploy the MaintALMA maintenance system for handling the maintenance of the Nivala power plant as well as the district heating network.

The deployment of the maintenance system covers, inter alia, preventive maintenance, failure reporting, job orders, shift diary, handling of storage and mobile operations, and record keeping.

Nivalan Kaukolämpö has been ALMA’s customer for some time, and has been using ALMA’s solution for technical data and documentation management. The maintenance system functions will be introduced into the existing ALMA System, making it possible to take full advantage of the data already in the system.

“We already have at ALMA a previously prepared comprehensive plant model, along with the technical documentation linked with it. Extending the system by adding maintenance functions was a logical choice, because it can be easily deployed, and now both the plant information management as well as maintenance can be handled with the same system.” Olli Jokinen, CEO of Nivalan Kaukolämpö Ltd.

“ALMA’s maintenance system solutions are the best that there are today, and the new customers we have attracted in recent years bear witness of this fact. ALMA is a scalable system, and the Nivalan Kaukolämpö’s system extension is a good example of it: it is possible to start controlling maintenance events based on a comprehensive digital plant model. It is great to be able to carry on our well-functioning cooperation with Nivalan Kaukolämpö, and at the same time attract another maintenance customer for the energy sector.” Juha Nissilä, CEO of ALMA Consulting Ltd.