Loiste acquired the ALMA system for better asset management and maintenance

Loiste is a nationwide energy group with roots in Kainuu. When Loiste wanted to catch up with modern work management, the Group arranged a tender and acquired Vitec ALMA's asset management and maintenance system.

The services offered by Loiste to its customers include power supply, district heating, and network monitoring. Energy is mainly produced from domestic fuels and by hydropower and wind power. Loiste’s equipment and real estate typically constitute long-term investments, and continuity is valued in partnerships as well.

- For us, the most important argument was the flexibility and customizability of the system. We had some absolute requirements inevitable from the viewpoint of our operations, in connection with standards utilisation and reporting, among others, and ALMA excelled with these. Another important thing was the possibility for almost real-time monitoring of outsourced work processes. Monitoring workflow through the system worked well from start to finish, this streamlines decision-making and limits misunderstandings. As the third reason, I have to mention ALMA’s mobile features, owing to which the system can be used altogether independently of place and time, says Antti Lappalainen, Development Manager at Loiste Group.

At present, the system has about 40 users, but the user count will increase in the future. New features are being added to the system. For example, stock management is one of the new system solutions already agreed on.


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