Linus Bernas: our new Application Architect in Kokkola

After working with software development for more than a decade, the desire to go back to the basics can grow in one’s soul. Linus Bernas, Vitec ALMA’s new Application Architect, has returned to coding.

Naturally, at Vitec ALMA, the job of the Application Architect involves much more besides coding. Well, some coding too, of course. Bernas, who graduated from Åbo Akademi with the M.Sc. (Tech.) degree, has been building multi-level software-related solutions at Vitec ALMA since the beginning of April.

“For customers, the most important thing is to get the exact system that serves them best. Using a bridge for comparison, it is not reasonable to build a bridge that withstands the weight of a 100,000 kg truck if such a truck would never actually cross the bridge. In principle, building IT systems that are excessively stiff and multidimensional is unreasonable as well,” says Linus Bernas.

In addition, he reminds that good systems like ALMA are still expandable and upgradable whenever it is necessary for the software to withstand heavier “truck traffic”.                                      

Trained and committed staff

Bernas is from Vöyri and lives in Kruunupyy, which means that he has stayed close to his home region for his entire life, with the exception of studies in Turku. He has a wife and two daughters, as well as a landrace cat called Kitito. Because of his sedentary work, Bernas tries to exercise whenever possible.

“When the opportunity knocked, I gladly joined Vitec ALMA. I have done a lot of different work with software; here I can participate in some fascinating projects. Also, I already knew some people from Vitec ALMA, and this made joining the company easier,” says Bernas.

Because of the coronavirus, the entire staff of ALMA continues teleworking, which means that Bernas has not yet had the possibility of meeting all of his colleagues face to face.

"Vitec ALMA takes good care of its staff, so I will definitely meet all of them over time. There are many training opportunities available, so I can develop in my work. And the people working here are wonderfully skilled and committed.”