Kimmo Hollanti appointed Product Manager of Maintenance Solutions

Kimmo Hollanti, who previously worked as an ALMA maintenance solutions expert, has been appointed Product Manager of Maintenance Solutions since 1 September 2019.

Kimmo Hollanti started his career in ALMA in product development eight years ago; five years later, he was transferred to software commissioning.

Now, the career is taking another turn, for Holland has been appointed Product Manager of Maintenance Solutions. He will also continue as an expert and be responsible for both maintenance solutions upkeep and development.

“ALMA’s strength lies in flexibility and the opportunity to manage all information in a comprehensive manner. As a system, ALMA offers versatile and extensive solutions to customers’ data management problems”, Hollanti says, expressing satisfaction with the product.

Hollanti is a certified IT engineer (Bachelor of Engineering) graduated from the Centria University of Applied Sciences. He has enjoyed working at ALMA.

“Here, you are trusted with important tasks and can participate in truly fascinating customer projects. We have a good and competent crew; each of us can take part in development of the solutions offered to our customers. The maintenance product is in a league of its own, and this is no sales pitch. It makes creating solutions for the different needs of the customers really easy”, he says with a smile.

As the Product Manager of Maintenance Solutions, Hollanti keeps in touch with customers who already use ALMA.