Kainuun Voima enhances its production using ALMA

Kainuun Voima Oy, an energy company operating in Kajaani, acquired from Vitec ALMA a modern information system for enhancement of its operations. Versatility, usability, reliability, and flexibility decided the tendering in favour of Vitec ALMA.

The city of Kajaani needs heat and electricity. In addition, Kajaani-based companies need steam for their production processes. Kajaanin Voima Oy produces all of these. The company has two thermal power plants and three hydropower plants, the condition and upkeep of which require constant monitoring.

- We acquired the ALMA information system to replace several of our older systems. For us, increasing the efficiency of our production and providing services to our customers is paramount. Acquisition of the Vitec ALMA system is part of our development work. It is a modern and versatile IT system characterised by good usability and reliable operation. Compared to ALMA, the rest of the systems that participated in the tendering seemed stiff, says Mika Paakkari, Operation Manager at Kainuun Voima.

ALMA was introduced at Kainuun Voima in April 2020.

- We have only four people on the company’s payroll. The rest of our functions have been outsourced. The new IT system is really important for our subcontractors as well. We can monitor their operations almost in real time and they can conveniently report us the developments in the field at any time. From now on, equipment maintenance history can be accessed through ALMA, which facilitates maintenance of the machinery. Installers no longer need to cast about for information on the maintenance procedures carried out during previous sessions, Paakkari says.

Kainuun Voima intends to expand the use of ALMA gradually in the company and to integrate new systems and features into the software. These developments are to take place in the coming autumn.