Juho Ojanperä wanted to become an intern at Vitec ALMA - and even the commuting distance did not convince him otherwise

Juho Ojanperä’s dream is to work as an application developer in the future. The next 5 months of the multimodal data processing student will be spent in practical training at ALMA. After this, he may be closer to the workplace of his dreams.

Juho Ojanperä is a data processing student at the Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences. The studies are multimodal; in other words, take place completely over the Internet. For Ojanperä, the third year of study has just started, and internship is an important – and long-awaited – part of the education.

“After all, internship cannot be done remotely and over the Internet – finally, I can put my theoretical knowledge into practice,” he says.

Ojanperä’s 5-month internship began in early November. Every morning, he drives from his home in Lapua to the ALMA office in Kokkola. This means driving over 120 kilometres two times per day.

“Sure, it is a long way to drive, but I listen to music or podcasts behind the wheel. Sometimes I just drive in silence and enjoy my quality time, so to say,” notes the intern living in a family with children, grinning.

Brain-teasers and problem-solving bring inspiration

For Ojanperä, the internship at Vitec ALMA is an important step forward in his career in the IT industry. He is already a trained carpenter and has worked in the field of trade for several years as well.

“Still, I have always been into coding – more or less, depending on the life situation. I have liked brain-teasers since childhood and problem-solving gives me great pleasure. Programming is problem-solving and logical reasoning, which means that the field is close to my heart,” he says.

Ojanperä submitted an open application to Vitec ALMA through the company’s recruitment channels:

“I had seen ALMA’s recruitment notice for the position earlier and liked the things said there. I was certain to find the most interesting work and useful learning experience here. And the company also made an impression."

The intern is impressed by ALMA’s flexibility

During his internship months, Ojanperä serves as a member of the product development team steered by Toni Penttilä. Other team members provide guidance if required, and Ojanperä’s personal instruction is Linus Bernas, a recent addition to the company himself.

“As the project manager, Bernas hands out tasks to the rest of us, including me. I hope to be able to engage comprehensively in everything that is required of the customer in ALMA’s end-user view.  I am especially interested in the front end. At the moment, naturally, I am still studying the system – what can it be used for, how does it work. I am impressed with how comprehensive ALMA is and how well it flexes to the different needs of a variety of customers,” Ojanperä says.

What to expect after the internship?

”I am here with the attitude of becoming a new ALMA regular. The company already feels like a top employer and the field fascinates me. My colleagues are wonderful professionals and I eagerly learn the ways of the company. Of course, I will complete my studies. All that remains are the thesis and a couple of courses.”

Text: Tia Härkönen