Juha Nissilä at ALMA Days, “Invest in information management systematically.”

Good asset and information management require constant focus At the 2019 ALMA Days, this message was clear in client examples as well as key note speeches. Indeed, ALMA also adheres to it in the development of its services. The company continues to grow.

The 28th ALMA Days were held at Kokkola at the beginning of September. There were 80 guests at this event, contributing towards plenty of eager discussions during breaks and extra questions for the speakers. Both old and new clients were among the participants.

In his opening speech, Managing Director Juha Nissilä stated that over the years, an increasing amount of different organisations has become interested in asset management and information management solutions.

“We are developing our solutions at the cutting edge of information management, and our clients are extensively involved in this work.” The feedback they give enables us to develop things further. Companies want to monitor what’s happening and where at their business increasingly more in real time, so that they could react to things quicker. ALMA’s solutions are vertical, so they can be used in business operations throughout the entire organisation. Various departments can make use of the same data, making predictions easier and improving comprehensive understanding. Information security is also becoming increasingly more important,” he said.

Nissilä is glad that companies are acknowledging the importance of data and committing to information management investments.

“It’s essential for the data content in the systems to serve the company. Likewise, it’s vital that the data isn’t scattered all over the place, making it challenging to manage and monitor. Or that the data is inaccessible to those who need it. Great asset management and information management require a systematic approach and continuous focus. First and foremost, incorrect data should be removed, as it results in additional costs, emergency situations and superfluous explanation work.

Focus on customer experience – both in the company’s strategy and in everyday work

Under Juha Nissilä’s leadership, the staff at ALMA has focused strongly on developing services as well as internal processes during the past few years. In summer, ALMA updated its strategy.

“The guiding light in everything we do is the customer experience, to which we have paid special attention. Customer experience is one of our strategic focal points. It shows in the usability of the ALMA system as well as in the work of our new service organisation.”

With this, Nissilä refers to the service centre and service agreements which ALMA has implemented this year for its new clients. The service centre and service agreements will become available for existing clients by the end of the year.

“Many people have asked if the work of the service centre has been outsourced. No, it hasn’t. Our own crew is keeping it running. This is relevant not only for the professional development of our staff, but also for maintaining trusting relationships with clients,” Juha Nissilä says.


Did you know that...

  • ALMA as a growth company has been showing an upward trend already for three years in a row. In summer, the company was awarded with the certificates “Achievers 2019” and “Growth Company 2019”
  • ALMA is one of the companies with “The Strongest in Finland” certificate, with the highest credit rating AAA
  • ALMA’s business turnover and profit grew by about 15% last year
  • ALMA invests about 10% of its business turnover in development
  • This year, ALMA has gained many new clients, such as Agnico Eagle, Kainuun Voima, Pouttu, Tracegrow, Gold&Green, Loiste and Lounavoima