Jari-Pekka Peiju supports the customers in the introduction of ALMA

In summer 2020, Jari-Pekka Peiju started as a Project Engineer at Vitec ALMA. Having used numerous different systems in his previous production and maintenance management positions, Peiju knows that customer expectations are always demanding and must be met.

“I am originally from Kokkola, and have finally returned here after having lived elsewhere for many years. When I noticed in the spring that an interesting job was vacant at Vitec ALMA, I submitted my application. Vitec ALMA is a well-managed company that has earned the industry’s respect. With Vitec ALMA, I can ride the wave of digitalisation and be involved in cutting-edge development, says Peiju.

Peiju, who previously worked in the process industry, ICT sector and manufacturing, among others, now contributes to introduction of ALMA’s maintenance systems. He holds the Bachelor of Engineering degree in automation and information technology.

Open discussion during the induction

The first months at Vitec ALMA have passed in line with his expectations. During the recruitment process and induction, all work-related issues and expectations were discussed in a clear and purposeful manner.

“We have progressed as planned and it has been absolutely great that I’ve had the possibility of engaging in practical work from the very beginning. My pleasant new colleagues sporting the right attitude have greatly helped me with getting started,” Peiju says.

The coronavirus has had little effect on his work.

“I've spent a lot of time at the office, since this has also been reasonable from the viewpoint of induction.  Keeping safe distance has been easy, as many ALMA employees continue working remotely anyway. Besides, at the office, all is well with workplace ergonomics,” Peiju says.

Solutions by continuous improvement procedures

Having worked in many different companies and held many different positions, Peiju is fluent with customer service and able to look at things from the customers’ perspective. For him, continuous improvement has always been at the heart of every activity. The customer's wishes must always be resolved in accordance with the objectives and the process must bring in as much added value as possible.

Peiju spends his free time at fitness gyms and around his cabin. Of course, provided any free time is left after family life.

“With small children you can never be bored; there is always something to do.”


Text: Kai Tarkka