HSEQ and ALMA go naturally hand in hand

Various quality and operating systems, such as ISO 9001, for example, require from organisations systematic management of a wide range of documents and measures. With the ALMA system, you can take care of your organisation’s environmental, quality, and safety issues as part of daily management.

ALMA’s electronic operating system allows smooth recording of environment, safety and quality-related deviations with the help of a mobile application. ALMA offers an uninterrupted chain from the detection of deviations, quality and safety to the handling and closing of events.

- Audit observations, development ideas and deviations, as well as their follow-up measures and workflows can be managed with ALMA. The system also reminds what must be done, when, and by whom. The progress of the measures can be monitored visually and continuous improvement at the core of the operating systems can be implemented. Evidence of systematic operation is easy to verify from the system, says Jukka Manninen, Business Manager, Vitec ALMA.

Towards genuinely fluent operation

With ALMA, the administration, review and updating of documents included in the quality system is simple and preparing for and conducting audits more convenient.

- ALMA includes event handling and reporting, as well as visual dashboards for event monitoring. In case of organisations already using ALMA, the HSEQ sector can very easily be expanded into the existing environment. In this case, for example, quality and safety deviations can be directly associated with equipment locations and maintenance can utilise the information directly in work planning. Naturally, documentation management with ALMA is easy on the general level as well, Manninen reminds.

In many cases, companies have an excellent strategy, but the implementation poses a challenge.

- Based on the strategy, fine action plans can be drafted, but administration, updating and monitoring of these plans with numerous separate Excel and PowerPoint files is next to impossible to achieve. With the help of ALMA, the annual action plans of both the company and its functions can be managed flexibly and quickly. Plan-related issues can be broken down into events, so they can be resourced efficiently. Since updating events and tasks is easy, the monitoring is fluent indeed, Manninen notes.

HSEQ in ALMA – further benefits for you:

  • The system directly supports ISO standard-based electronic folder sharing.
  • Tasks and events arising from laws and regulations can be broken down precisely, making them easy to find in different reviews and audits.
  • Events and deviations of different type can be controlled with a single system. Views can be filtered based on a variety of criteria, such as pending calibrations, for example.
  • Events and measures can be managed in bulk and data filtered from different perspectives.
  • Monitoring can be carried out visually on different levels.