How to handle events and tasks in day-to-day management?

There is a need for a single system, which would combine property management, maintenance, security and quality. Jukka Manninen, ALMA’s Business Manager has discussed this topic with a number of individuals working in different capacities across a range of industries, and recognises their concerns related to comprehensive management of affairs and information.

In various business environments – be it an industrial or a service organisation – there are many separate chains of events that might influence one another. These chains of events could be related to production, but similarly to quality as well as to security.  How could all these events be linked smoothly together such that people in charge of different areas are able to obtain a broader view towards their own field of activity, as well as towards other functions of the organisation?

First it is appropriate to point out that during my career I have worked in different capacities, inter alia, in industry, property management, as well as, for instance, as a head of security. My list of clientele includes industrial facilities, shopping centres, a hospital, educational institutions, as well as property owners.

Based on the experience have obtained, I am well aware that a person in a senior position (such as a technical manager, property manager, security manager, quality manager, plant manager or a CEO) has to face every day a vast number of events and tasks, as well as various assignments. I am sure that everyone who is working in such positions recognise the ‘agony’ of how to manage and supervise all these events.

And adding to it the need to manage information and documents related to operations, it is quite obvious that there is indeed a lot that needs to be done and managed.
I have now worked for ALMA Consulting Oy for an entire year, and these are the conclusions that I have drawn from it:

I am convinced that to manage various events or tasks it is necessary and indeed sufficient to have a single data system.

I argue that it is very challenging, if not impossible to manage an integrated system where, for instance, management of events and tasks related to maintenance, security or quality each run their own data systems. In a situation like this it is extremely difficult to obtain an essential and, above all, reliable, in terms of management, understanding of the operations.

Based on my one-year career in ALMA I also know that there is a solution – it is ALMA. This single system can provide all these functions that an organisation needs. Be it a matter of maintenance, security, quality management, or operations management.

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