How to get smarter information management for real estate?

The amount of technical information is constantly increasing in the construction and renovation of real estate. How to proceed in a situation where the current maintenance book is no longer relevant?

Nowadays, buildings contain a significant amount of different technology, and property owners can often find themselves in a situation where a standard real estate maintenance book solution is no longer sufficient. This is particularly the case when it comes to managing the property’s energy consumption and maintenance costs, as well as ensuring that the property is functioning in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Like with any updates and developments, it’s a good idea to write down why something has to be changed.

For example, is it one of the following situations?

• There is an investment project planned for the property, and you’re looking for a solution for project management and the related technical information management
• The property’s HVAC documentation is lacking and you are looking for a new solution for this
• The maintenance of the HVAC documentation is laborious and time-consuming
• You want to ensure that the property’s documentation meets the essential safety requirements
• The property’s maintenance personnel do not have access to technical documentation when performing (HVAC) maintenance and repair work
• You want to ensure that the property’s technical documentation supports the property’s life cycle management
• You want the property maintenance book and the technical documentation solutions to be in the same software
• The property’s maintenance and service programme documents are used by the maintenance personnel

ALMA brings smarter information management to real estate

ALMA is better known for its system solutions for industrial facilities, with one of the subsections of such solutions being building and real estate information management.  However, ALMA is also great for real estate information management alone.
ALMA’s business manager, Jukka Manninen, considers ALMA to be a great help with real estate information management,

“Long-term experience with managing the diverse technical environments of industrial environments, as well as maintenance, planning and projects, gives ALMA the opportunity to implement completely new innovative creations in the field of real estate. We have a comprehensive and scalable solution for property management. This includes integrated management of property information, technical equipment and systems, documentation management, a maintenance book, and a project bank.”

ALMA can also be used together with existing maintenance book solutions. For example, ALMA’s technical information management can be connected to an existing maintenance book as well as property automation. This will enable property maintenance personnel to have access to technical documentation at the time when repairs and maintenance work is being done.

For more information:

Jukka Manninen, business manager
tel. 050 356 2292