Helen will be implementing Vitec ALMA’s technical information management system

To make its asset management easier and more efficient, the energy company Helen Oy held an EU-wide tender in the spring of 2020, and Vitec ALMA Oy’s information system proved to be the winning bid.

A lifecycle technical information management system allows a company or entity to monitor and maintain its equipment, machines and information networks. With the information system, all available information is real-time and available to all persons and departments using the system. The system administrator can assign different roles to users, as well as giving subcontractors access to certain information in the system.

Helen is one of the largest energy companies in Finland, with more than 500,000 customers across the country. Helen has a strong and continuously improving product and service business in electricity, heating and cooling; constantly building new solutions related to decentralised energy production, smart housing and electric transportation.   Helen’s goal is carbon-neutral energy production by 2035. The company owns and manages a variety of equipment, facilities, machinery and networks. These are constantly generating new and updated technical information that needs to be shared efficiently between Helen’s own staff and its subcontractors. While Helen is investing heavily in achieving carbon-neutral operations, the company is also investing in its asset management. When assets are well-maintained and used efficiently, it also translates to environmental benefits and a better business result.                 

Carbon-neutral projects are in everyone’s best interest

The information system that Vitec ALMA supplied to Helen includes everything that Helen wanted in the tender. In terms of asset management, the most important features of the system are document management and a project bank. When these are in the same system, it solves many practical problems related to data transfer and transmission.

- We really have a lot of data, and fortunately, the ALMA system has a lot of features. Despite its versatility, the system is user-friendly. It also allows for any future expansion needs we might have. The implementation project has been uncomplicated, and carried out with professionalism, says Kirsi Raami, Head of Energy Production and Asset Management at Helen.

Helen is actively developing production methods that support carbon neutrality and solutions that optimise energy. The new information system is involved in enhancing Helen’s projects that support carbon neutrality, thanks in part to its mobile interface. Project and asset management tasks can be done regardless of the time and place. This reduces unnecessary travel and lowers emissions.

- Climate change affects all of us, whether we like it or not. Information that moves efficiently and in real-time is a critical factor when making environmentally important decisions. As a provider of an easy-to-use and scalable information system, it was vital for us to succeed in this EU-wide competition. We have been collaborating with Helen already for several years, so it’s a great place to continue the development work, emphasises Juha Nissilä, CEO of Vitec ALMA Oy.

More information:

Unit Manager Kirsi Raami, Helen Oy, 050 434 0086, kirsi.raami@helen.fi

CEO Juha Nissilä, Vitec ALMA Oy, 050 307 3190, juha.nissila@alma.fi