Case Salico: A user-friendly information system to replace the existing one

The user-friendly Finnish information system was exactly what Salico, specialised in fruit and vegetable processing, was after. Vitec ALMA was happy to provide such a maintenance and documentation management system.

In summer 2019, Salico acquired Apetit Oyj’s fresh produce business. With this transaction, they also acquired an older information system.

"We weren’t particularly happy with it. However, we were already aware of Vitec ALMA’s information system. It had great usability and we were able to customise it easily on our own. We also wanted a system with support functions in our native language,” Kari Vieno, the technical manager at Salico Oy says about the background of the purchase.

Salico operates in the food industry, which is a very closely monitored and certified industry. Long before the corona crisis, very many systematic client and quality audits and self-monitoring processes were carried out in the food industry. Records must be kept of all stages of production as well as inspections. These can be used to verify the safety and quality of the fruit and vegetables.

“Now, all of these records are made into Vitec ALMA’s system, where they are available for clients and authorities. The system also includes various production maintenance records entered on the go, as well as property maintenance notes. All our maintenance is outsourced, but the subcontractors will also be included in our information system,” Vieno describes the scope of the system.

Vitec ALMA’s system maintenance and documentation management system was officially introduced at Salico Oy in March 2020.


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