The Breakthrough in Energy Industry Was the Talk of the ALMA Energy Seminar

On 23-24 January, ALMA arranged an invitation-based seminar in Jyväskylä for its existing energy industry customers. The topic that sparked the most debate at the seminar was the change in the energy industry revolutionizing the roles of consumers and producers.

In the past, energy industry operators mainly had to manage only their own production plants and distribution networks. Today, this traditional way of operation is changing.

“Energy companies have expanded their operations to include refrigeration, recharging stations for electric cars, and solar power plants, among others. At the same time, energy industry operators must also adapt their customer service to new beliefs, since the safety and traceability requirements of the customers are becoming more stringent all the time,” notes Janne Lappi, Business Manager of ALMA.

“The role of consumers is changing as well, since consumers are becoming active energy producers. A consumer may well purchase electricity from an energy company in the winter, while selling back energy produced by his or her own solar panels to the energy company in the summer. In order to take care of asset management in such a network combining multiple operators, miscellaneous equipment and production methods, a functional and flexible asset management is required,” Lappi says.

A good data system maintains its functionality and flexibility throughout the company’s life cycle

More than 30 energy industry specialists had gathered to Jyväskylä, all of them ALMA’s customers. Thus, larger and smaller companies from all over Finland were represented.

The opening speech was delivered by Juha Nissilä from ALMA Consulting, who pointed out the need to be prepared for changes as the reason for holding the seminar and reminded the audience of ALMA’s possibilities in providing assistance with the management of the change.

In the presentation by Lounavoima Oy, the progress of the WTE plant project in Salo was discussed. ALMA is involved in the project throughout its life cycle, from the construction stage to plant maintenance later on. More information on the Lounavoima WTE plant project. 

Kotkan Energia uses ALMA’s services very extensively in its operations. Owing to ALMA, dozens of duplicate data systems have been removed from use, since all the data are now collected to ALMA. It has led to simplification of the data system map managed, as well as to financial savings. More information on how Kotkan Energia utilizes ALMA in its operations.

Flowplus Oy partnered with ALMA in arrangement of the seminar. Flowplus told about its own solutions and about the use of ALMA in maintenance and service business management. The use of ALMA has expanded in parallel with Flowplus’s several acquisitions and growth. ALMA has supported Flowplus in the deployment of unified operation models in ten localities. More information on Flowplus’s ALMA solutions.

At the seminar, Loimua Oy shared the company’s experiences and presented their best practices related to ALMA. For example, with the help of ALMA, the benefits from visual KPI meters can be enhanced. Loimua had already made use of ALMA in the management of their production assets, but now they are utilising ALMA in the management of the company's IT assets as well. The project has launched quickly and is proceeding as planned.

New development targets identified at workshops

Next day, the seminar continued with workshops dealing with the breakthrough in the energy industry and its impacts on ALMA’s development. Several improvement proposals were submitted during the discussions, and they will be taken into account in the development of ALMA as soon as possible.