ALMA takes care your company’s HSEQ obligations as well

With the ALMA system you can tackle your organisation’s environmental, quality and safety duties as a part of daily management.

Separate quality and operating systems, such as e.g. ISO 9001, calls for systematic management of various documents and measures by an organisation.

ALMA’s electronic operating system facilitates smooth recording of any abnormalities in matters related to environment, safety and quality issues with a mobile app. ALMA provides an unbroken chain of measures to tackle any deviations, quality and safety related events from their detection to closure. Audit findings, development ideas and abnormalities, as well as their follow-up measures and workflows can all be managed by ALMA. Moreover, the system will remind you when certain duties need performing, and by whom. The progress of measures can be visually monitored and the core aspects of the operating systems can be constantly improved. Evidence of systematic activities can be easily verified in the system.

Towards genuinely smooth operations

ALMA makes the process of management, reviewing and updating of quality system documents easy, while preparation for audits and their conduct gets easier.

‘ALMA contains information on handling and reporting of events, as well as visual dashboards for their monitoring.  If an organisation has ALMA already in use, the HSEQ section can be easily integrated into the existing environment. In this case, for instance, any deviations in quality and safety can be traced directly to the equipment in question, and the maintenance unit can use the data directly for planning their work. Of course, the documentation related to the entire process is also managed easily by ALMA,’ says Jukka Manninen from ALMA.

Companies often have fine strategies, but they face challenges in their deployment.

‘Strategies are used to produce action plans, but their management, updating and monitoring with a multitude of different Excel and PowerPoint files collide with the impossibility of the task. With ALMA annual action plans of the company as well as its functions can be handled flexibly and quickly. Matters related to plans can be broken into events, which means that they can be allocated resources effectively. As daily updating of events and tasks is easy, the monitoring can be genuinely rolled out,’ comments Manninen.

HSEQ in ALMA – you can also benefit from this:


  • The system supports directly the electronic division of directories of ISO standards.
  • Tasks and events arising from law can be accurately specified, which helps finding them in different overviews and audits.
  • Events and abnormalities of various types can be controlled with a single system. Views can be filtered based on variety of arguments, such as e.g. by unfinished calibrations.
  • Events and tasks can be controlled in bulk and data can be filtered from different aspects.
  • Monitoring can be carried out visually at different levels.


More information:

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