ALMA Consulting Oy has been awarded the Growth Company 2019 and Achiever 2019 certificates by Kauppalehti

When a company grows several years in a row, this is proof of its strong ability to create successful business. The Kauppalehti Growth Company certificate is awarded to a company the turnover of which has grown on the annual level on average over 10 percentage points faster than the average level of its main class of activity.

An Achiever is a company that a professional financial analyst has found to outperform its peers. Business success is based on several different areas, such as skilful management, dedicated personnel, efficient processes, and understanding the customers. The Achiever certificate anticipates the company’s future success and is thus a strong message when competing for future professionals.

“The extensive growth of our company over the last few years has been of such rate that we now hold both the Growth Company 2019 and Achiever 2019 certificates from Kauppalehti. This, of course, means that we can thank our customers and all ALMA employees for excellent co-operation and moving in the same direction”, proudly states Juha Nissilä, CEO of ALMA.

What are the certificates about?

In order to be awarded the Growth Company certificate, a company has to grow several years in a row. The certificate can also be granted to a company that has been in business for at least four years and increased its turnover significantly over the last three years. This year, the Kauppalehti Growth Company tour was arranged for the tenth time. In May, the tour visited a total of five localities in different parts of Finland. In each locality, the best local growth companies were awarded by Kauppalehti. The companies were chosen in spring 2019 based on financial statements and the companies’ own notifications.

The Achiever awards are also granted based on companies’ corrected financial statements. The financial performance of a company is evaluated based on six different areas, which include growth, profitability, earnings, liquidity, solvency, and risk tolerance. These six areas describe the most important financial aspects of a company’s operation and complement each other in describing its success. In each of the areas, a company is compared to companies of its size category, to all companies in the Kauppalehti business database, and to companies of its field.


“The Kauppalehti Growth Company and Achiever 2019 certificates are proof of rapid growth of our business and of the overall development of our company. They also convey a strong corporate image, since certificates are only awarded to a small number of Finnish companies. We are truly pleased with that our systematic development work aimed at the progress of our company has received these recognitions”, says Juha Nissilä, who has served as the CEO of ALMA, a company with more than 30 years of experience in its field, for the last six years.



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